Andrew Callister

Dr Andrew Callister

Dr Andrew Callister

Andrew is driven to make a difference in your life and to help you achieve the best possible version of yourself. He sets clear goals with you, guiding you through each stage—whether it is pain relief, injury rehabilitation or achieving peak performance as an athlete.

As a sought after personal trainer, Andrew has advised Olympic athletes and is consulted by high-profile celebrities to devise programs to improve their health and optimise performance.

Andrew is a keen sportsman and understands the demands of a peak performance program as well as the role of structured rehabilitation following sports injuries. He takes pride in helping you improve your health and wellbeing and achieve your performance goals.

Andrew is committed to improving your quality of life by helping you take positive action, preventing injury and achieving optimal health.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Behavioural Health Science from Sydney University and enjoys surfing, skiing, yoga and weight lifting.