Andrew Callister

Dr Andrew Callister

Dr Andrew Callister

Dr Andrew Callister’s credentials in healthcare span over 10 years and began with a Bachelor of Behavioural Health Science from Sydney University. As a sought after personal trainer, Andrew has advised Olympic athletes and is consulted by high-profile celebrities to devise programmes to help with their health and optimise performance.

Andrew is a keen sportsman and understands the demands of a peak performance programme and the role of structured rehabilitation in the case of sports injuries. He takes pride and care in helping his patients achieve their performance goals and all round wellbeing. He enjoys surfing, skiing, yoga, weight lifting and indoor soccer.

Andrew’s treatment technique involves Advanced Biostructural Correction(TM), soft tissue work, dry needling, sports and kinesiological taping with a rehabilitative focus. He takes great care with his patients and understands the importance of gut health and offers nutritional support and supplementation. NET (neuro-emotional technique) is also offered in supporting the mind and thus the body. He is committed to improving his patients’ quality of life by helping them take positive action, preventing injury and achieving optimal health.