Clinic 27 offers arthritis treatment in Sydney using Chiropractic treatments that can assist the body in self-healing by realigning the spine …

Arthritis is a term, which commonly describes in excess of two dozen joint inflammation related conditions. Osteoarthritis is the more prevalent form of this disease and it affects joints in their entirety. The bones, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments are all impacted via this type of arthritis. Arthritis can be very painful and debilitating for sufferers. Many people find themselves avoiding physical activities in an attempt to minimise the pain experienced. Chiropractic care may provide relief from many of the symptoms of arthritis. Regular treatments can reduce the chronic pain in joints in the back, neck and knees. Spinal manipulation and exercise has been shown in studies to have beneficial effects for a variety of forms of arthritis.

Our Whole Body Approach to Treating Arthritis

At Clinic 27, our experienced and highly trained practitioners take a whole-body approach to treating conditions like arthritis. Chiropractic treatments can assist the body in self-healing by realigning the spine. Our autonomic nervous system is located along our spine and it carries enormous influence when considering the overall health and wellbeing of human beings. Chiropractic manipulations can relieve pain and defuse stress around the joints. Exercise mobilises the joints, reducing stiffness. Dietary advice can positively contribute to lowering inflammation within the body. Massage therapy can improve circulation and reduce associated muscle tension.

The Successful Treatment of Chronic Conditions

Understanding how your body works and how lifestyle impacts upon our health is, often, an important step in the successful treatment of chronic conditions like arthritis. Things do not happen in isolation within our bodies and our wellbeing, everything is holistically connected. How we cope with stress and our lifestyle choices have a huge affect on our overall health. Arthritis symptoms can be a manifestation of a number of factors within our lives. Come and see us to discuss your joint pain and mobility issues today.

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