Looking for asthma treatment in Sydney? Our chiropractic treatments can help you. Asthma causes breathing difficulties, wheezing, and chest pains…

Asthma has been described as a modern scourge affecting our nation. Not being able to breathe is a scary condition and the allergenic nature of asthma makes it difficult to predict when an attack is imminent. If you are experiencing asthmatic symptoms, like breathing difficulties, wheezing, and chest pains, it is recommended that you seek immediate medical assistance. Chiropractic treatments can be helpful as an adjunct to the medications recommended by your GP. Realignment of the spine can assist in the overall wellbeing experienced by those who receive the treatment. Better posture can allow for improved respiratory functioning. Exercise and gentle manipulations can relieve congestion in those suffering from the symptoms of the condition.

We Treat the Whole Person

Your chiropractor can positively assist in a number of ways, in addition to the treatments themselves. At Straight Forward Clinics, we treat the whole person and we do this by assessing the lifestyle factors involved in the diseases and conditions suffered by our patients. Diet and environmental factors can play a large part in the exacerbation of chronic illnesses like asthma. Our trained practitioners can assist in bringing greater levels of awareness to contributors, which may be involved in the prevalence and severity of asthma attacks.

A Positive Role in Reducing the Number & Severity of Attacks

Chiropractic treatments, as an adjunct to the recommended medications managing conditions like asthma, can provide relief from some of the worst symptoms. Gentle and safe manipulations of the body and spine can free up the chest area to relieve feelings of congestion. Massage and exercise provide similar benefits in the management of these conditions. Studies in the medical literature do indicate a positive role for chiropractic treatments in reducing the number and severity of attacks and improving the quality of life of sufferers. Whilst not a cure for asthma, chiropractic has a valuable part to play in the effective management of this chronic condition.