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  • Pinched Nerve Treatment

    Pinched Nerve Treatment
    Two patients this week came in with acute low back pain that was referring to the back of the leg and down the back of the knee to their toes. The pain was intense and they could barely manage to walk in and could hardly sit down. Once they were […]
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  • Posture Correction: Improve Posture With These Tips

    Why you can't improve your own posture ... There are so many varied perceptions regarding the solution and treatment to poor posture. At this point, I want to take some time to dispel some of the most commonly held beliefs about posture to enable you to understand what it is [...]
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  • Sleep Vs Pain: Insomnia & Chronic Pain

    HOW TO Be pain free when sleeping … Firm mattresses are ideal for sleeping because they provide the best support for your body, and, they don’t sag. A firm mattress provides support that allows your body to hold the posture it was in on that particular day, as opposed to […]
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  • Stress Management & Back Pain

    How can you manage stress? Once women come to see me in my practice and begin to understand what it is that has caused their body distress, such as back pain or other general physical symptoms, they all ask me how they can better manage their stress. The answer isn’t […]
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  • How does posture affect my health?

    Recently, Dr Zahedi and myself presented to a bunch of wonderful people at RAMS in Sydney. The Topic? "The importance of posture for health and wellbeing". Rarely discussed or known, are the actual proven health benefits that good posture has. The Symptoms of Bad Posture During the presentation we talked [...]
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  • Can my posture affect my hormones???

    Can posture affect my hormones? And the short answer is, yes it can! Amy Cuddy from Harvard University has done research on how body language impacts hormones. One of her studies showed how levels of salivary testosterone and cortisol are impacted when someone is in an upright posture vs when [...]
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  • Can Chiropractic Make Me a Better Dancer?

    Yes! Chiropractic is often thought of as a treatment or preventative modality for injury. Whilst this is true, it also has many benefits to improving sport and hobbies such as dancing. Have you been working on your golf swing and just can't seem to progress to the next level of [...]
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  • What Happens to Your Hand when you Experience Wrist Injury

    There are various wounds that may happen in a competitor's hands or wrists. They can be grouped into two principle classes: traumatic (intense) and abuse (perpetual). Traumatic wounds will probably happen in competitors who partake in games that require more elevated amounts of contact (i.e., football, hockey or wrestling), while [...]
  • What Causes Lower Back Pain

    Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which one bone in your back (vertebra) slides forward over the bone underneath it. It regularly happens in the lower spine. At times, this may prompt your spinal rope or nerve roots being crushed. This can bring about back agony and deadness or shortcoming in [...]
  • What is Spondylosis

    Spondylosis is typically an age-related condition that influences the joints in your neck. It creates as a wear's consequence and tear of the ligament and bones are of the cervical spine. While it is to a great extent because of age, it can be brought about by different elements too. [...]