Searching for chronic pain treatments in Sydney? You may wish to explore our chiropractic treatments for unique solutions. At Clinic 27, our fully trained chiropractic practitioners are experienced in providing chiropractic care to people suffering from chronic pain …

Chronic pain is a serious and debilitating issue for those who suffer from it. Chiropractic care may assist in the alleviation of chronic pain. Chiropractic treatments are centred around the spine. The spine is the structure at the centre of our autonomic nervous system. Our nervous system largely controls pain in concert with the parietal lobe in the brain. Understanding the interconnectedness within the body of all our systems is important when diagnosing and treating the causes of chronic pain. Chiropractic care offers an alternative to pain management via drugs and medications. There are recent medical studies, which have shown the efficacy of chiropractic treatments over the pain killer approach, when treating chronic pain. If you are experiencing chronic pain from work related issues, injury or accident, the chiropractic approach may be the solution you are seeking.

Chiropractic Treatments Shown to Assist with Chronic Pain

At Clinic 27, we employ Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), which is a unique method. We remove the mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures. We target the exact pin-point location of the stressors within your systems and adjust the spinal vertebrae region responsible. A biomechanical exercise program may be utilised to free and strengthen mobility. Postural awareness is another dimension to the treatment, which is, often, an integral step toward lasting freedom from chronic pain. Understanding how our lifestyle choices contribute to our sense of wellness and experience of good health is a further part of the overall program.

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Chronic pain can be caused by a variety of contributing factors, with things like repetitive strain injuries from work or sport. Poor posture and stress can coalesce to produce chronic pain in joints. At Clinic 27, our fully trained chiropractic doctors are experienced in providing chiropractic care to those suffering from chronic pain and are getting results.

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