Ear infections can impact upon their sufferers via a number of discomforting symptoms. Ear Infections can affect both children and adults, and our Sydney chiropractors can help…

Ear infections can impact upon their sufferers via a number of discomforting symptoms. Middle ear infections are the most common form of these, which occur in adults. These usually result in earaches, and there may be reduced hearing and a discharge from the affected ear. These infections are, also, referred to as otitis media. In addition, sufferers may experience vertigo, nausea and dizziness. It is advisable to check out your ear infection with your local GP, in case it is a sign of a more serious health condition. Inner ear infections, also, occur and may be the result of inflammation. Outer ear infections are more likely to present as some sort of rash and can be caused by bacteria infecting a scratch of the surface skin.

Chiropractic Treatments Can Assist Ear Infections

Chiropractic treatments can be helpful in dealing with ear infections by realigning the body’s spine and restoring the body’s own ability to heal itself. Subluxations can cause a number of symptoms and manifestations of disease. Gentle neck manipulations can realign the upper spinal connection into the cranium. This treatment can promote a natural drainage of the ear by stretching the eustachian tube. A number of studies in the US indicate that chiropractic can be helpful in the treatment of middle ear infections in adults and children.

Highly Trained & Experienced Practitioners

At Straight Forward Clinics, our highly trained and experienced practitioners are dedicated healthcare professionals. We will ensure that you receive the best possible care for your ear infection condition. In addition, we can audit your overall health and advise on how infections like these can be prevented through our whole-body health approach. Understand how diet, stress, posture and lifestyle can impact upon your wellbeing and quality of life. Call us now to make an appointment at a time suitable for you or to find out more.