Looking for lower back pain treatment in Sydney? At Clinic 27 we have a team of highly trained chiropractic practitioners who can provide effective treatments for your lower back pain problems …

Lower back pain is one of the most debilitating physical impediments that we can suffer from. Our core strength is displaced and movement is, often, extremely painful. The lower vertebrae are responsible for mobility related to the pelvis and into the hips. Nerve pain in the lower back can shoot down into the legs and this is commonly known as Sciatica. One of the more common causes of lower back pain is too much sitting. In today’s world, we spend far too much time seated at work and at home. Inflammation of the facet joints can result in the complete inability to function and sufferers can be temporarily bed ridden. At Clinic 27, we understand lower back pain in all its guises and with thorough diagnosis we can provide a plan that has the potential to effectively treat your condition.

Chiropractic Therapeutic Care for Lower Back Pain

Our Chiropractic practitioners can examine you, diagnose your specific problem, and develop a treatment plan for you. Our approach through chiropractic has the potential to significantly reduce your pain naturally and without pain killers. We aim to get you back on your feet again and ready to resume your life in better shape than before. Our chiropractic therapeutic care utilises spinal and joint manipulations, soft tissue massage, exercise programs and lifestyle awareness strategies. Chiropractors understand the structural elements within the human body and we can realign misplaced joints and bones. Our gentle but effective manipulations are designed to reduce pain and re-establish the proper functioning of your body. At Clinic 27, we provide our clients with the very best care plans when it comes to lower back pain.

Prevent Recurring Lower Back Pain

If you have recurring lower back pain, we can develop a program designed to prevent the regular reappearance of this debilitating condition in your life. Our skilled and experienced practitioners can help you strengthen this part of your body and understand how to avoid straining it in the future.  Our aim is to ensure you take the necessary steps to prevent the problem in the first place – Give the team at Clinic 27  a call today – Tel: (02) 8059 7743 and see if we may also be able to help you. Contact us now to discuss your condition or to find out more about our approach.

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