What is ABC?

Advanced Biostructural Correction™

What is it?

Although widely practised overseas, Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ is a method of chiropractic care that is relatively new to Australia. Our team at Clinic 27 are among a small group of Australian chiropractors who have recognised it as a revolutionary chiropractic technique.

What does the treatment involve?

Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. The focus of your ABC™ chiropractor is to adjust your body in only those areas where it can’t correct itself. They will do this by examining your spine, and narrowing down the precise points in your body where mechanical stress is taking place. ABC™ adjustment techniques are then used to release it.

It’s possible you may re-experience some mild symptoms as part of what’s known as the “unwinding process” which is related to previous injuries or physical conditions. This is a temporary state and part of unlocking and erasing the traumatic events that your body has experienced.

How does it work?

Even the fittest and healthiest person accumulates injuries and physical imbalances through the wear and tear of daily life. And while your body has a range of corrective and protective mechanisms built into it, the accrual of tension and tissue means it’s not always able to self-correct.

ABC™ practitioners believe your body compensates for this damage and the impact of the compensation builds up over time. Your ABC™ chiropractor aims to “unwind” your body back through these problem areas and “unlock” each area of tension and injury. Give the team at Clinic 27  a call today – Tel: (02) 8059 7743 and see if we may also be able to help you.

What are the outcomes?

A successful treatment using the ABC™ technique will result in the alleviation of pain, improved posture and a balanced body. This is achieved by removing mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures. Your body will also benefit from a greater capacity for self-correction when future injuries and physical ailments arise.  Our team will speak to you regarding your specific issues and devise a plan that is suitable to you, ensuring the best possible outcome under our care.

What to Expect

Your treatment plan

Your Complete Chiropractic journey begins at your first appointment as Dr Zahedi builds an overall picture of your health and medical history. This is used to develop your personalised treatment plan which will cover:

– the health care treatments you require
– the number of treatments you will need
– the frequency and cost of your treatments
– the outcomes you can expect

This personalised treatment plan will be explained to you in detail on your second appointment. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about your condition or the treatment plan with Dr Zahedi. At Complete Chiropractic, it’s important for us that you feel comfortable and involved during your consultations and treatment

Your physical treatment

The most important aspects of the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) ™ technique are spinal adjustments, and they will begin during your first or second visit. Dr Zahedi will ask you to stand or lie on your back. He will then perform the quick and painless adjustments using his hands. There may be some minor muscle pain in the 24 hours after your treatment. This is normal and will soon disappear.

You may experience some slight muscle pain the day after your treatment; this is normal, and should ease within 24 hours.

The stages of treatment

Pain relief
The first stage involves establishing what is causing your pain and taking steps to treat it.

Posture correction
In stage two, Dr Zahedi will treat the underlying factors contributing to poor posture.

Stage three sees the commencement of a long-term process of unlocking the stress and tension of old injuries that have accrued in your body over time. A commitment of a few months is needed for optimal results.


This part is largely down to you, and depends on the severity of your condition and your longer-term health goals. You will see changes in your posture and condition after your very first adjustment at Complete Chiropractic, but our philosophy isn’t just focused on alleviating short-term pain. It’s about getting your body into a state of balance and keeping it there so you experience real change to your quality of life.

Although many patients come to us seeking a quick solution for their pain, most opt to continue through the posture correction and unwinding phases due to the changes they start seeing in their physical and mental well-being.