Pregnancy Pain Treatments: Safe & Natural Chiropractic Solutions

What types of pregnancy pain can chiropractors treat? Approximately 50% of all pregnant women experiencing back pain at some stage during pregnancy and between half and three-quarters experiencing it during labour, it’s no wonder that us chiropractors see and hear from pregnant mothers on a daily basis.

It’s understood that as the mother’s body changes to accommodate for the ever-growing baby, the adaptation of their pelvis and the changes in the structural support for the lower spine is a contributing source of this discomfort. One of the primary sources of discomfort is the change in the patient’s centre of gravity. As the foetus grows, the displacement of weight is pushed forward which increases the size of the lumbar lordosis. This increase loads the lumbar disc and can place amplified stress on the facet joints, requiring pregnancy pain treatments which are safe, gentle and natural.

As the mother enters the final trimester the increased hormone production and circulation can also increase the mobility of the pelvis to a point of hyper mobility decreasing the ability of stabilisation for the spine.

Chiropractors are specifically trained to treat and assist all patients however particular care is taken when treating for pregnant mothers to ensure comfortable relief from pain while caring for the growing baby inside. Release of muscle tension through the pelvis, and correct pelvic movement can greatly assist mothers experiencing back pain as they come to full term. A recent study has unequivocally demonstrated that specific adjustments provided for pregnant women appear to relax the pelvic floor muscles which can be of significant benefit for mothers intending to have a natural delivery.

Mothers can be adjusted and cared for during their entire pregnancy with chiropractic, therefore it’s always good to inform your chiropractor as soon as you’re aware because some modalities and therapies will be avoided and in most cases pregnancy pain treatment procedures will change to be more comfortable for the change in the mother’s body. The chiropractic adjustment can be performed with minimal force and can be of great benefit for comfort and relaxation. It’s found anecdotally and supported by literature that with patients under regular chiropractic care, the chances of natural delivery are higher with a significant easing of the common musculoskeletal problems that pregnant and delivering mothers often experience. Remember your chiropractor is your health care provider who specialises in the spine and nervous system and removing interference to help the body do what it does best – heal itself.