When it comes to sports injury treatments Sydney chiropractors are kept busy. Injuries in sport are par for the course and many respond very well to chiropractic treatments …

We play sports to feel alive, to compete, and, occasionally achieve glory. The ancients in Greece and Rome pushed themselves to run faster, jump higher, throw things further, and for Nike, the goddess of victory to bless their efforts. Sometimes, however, we can come undone and our bodies can break down on the sporting field. Sports injuries can blight a person’s life, no matter what age or gender. Chiropractors can help those who have torn, strained or sprained something painfully important, to find rapid relief and rehabilitation. At Straight Forward Clinics, our professional healthcare practitioners offer the very best chiropractic treatments for sports injuries in Sydney.

Immediate Pain Relief & Rehabilitation

Whether you have injured yourself via a team sport or a solo effort, we can diagnose your injury and begin a successful treatment for your immediate pain relief and rehabilitation. We will have you back rowing, pedalling, kicking, tackling, swinging, bowling, batting, jumping, and serving, before you know it. Our highly trained and experienced chiropractors understand how human bodies move and function. We work upon the body’s musculoskeletal system, and we realign the spine, which carries our autonomic nervous system. Our natural approach to the treatment of sports injuries avoids the dangers of an overreliance on pain relief medications.

We Assist Clients in Preventing Future Sports Injuries

Our hands-on therapeutic approach can reduce inflammation and joint pain. In many cases, it will free-up the affected area and increase mobility. Our overall whole-body approach to health and wellbeing will assist clients in preventing future sports injuries. Understanding how your body works can help build greater strength in the affected joints and regions. Guided exercise programs and appropriate information about diet, and how that affects performance and rehabilitation, are all part of our chiropractic healthcare approach to sports injury treatment. Call us now to make an appointment or to find out more about the Straight Forward Clinics’ way.