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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If swelling occurs in the tendons running through the carpal tunnel, this can compress the nerve & result in pain. Repetitive hand movements & arthritis can also cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Vertigo Treatment

Are you suffering from vertigo but are unwilling to try harmful medications? Are you looking for a vertigo treatment that may have long-term benefits?

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Scoliosis Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from Scoliosis, then consider Clinic 27 as an option as your go-to destination for Scoliosis Treatment relief.

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Sciatica Treatment

The team at Clinic 27 strives to tackle sciatica with non-invasive therapies. Our sciatica treatments follow best practice technique in the industry today.

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Pregnancy Chiropractor

Why should women get chiropractic care during pregnancy? As pregnancy imposes significant physical strain to women, there can be some great benefits in having a pregnancy chiropractor provide some relief.

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Posture Chiropractor

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of their posture problems and let the issue worsen with time without an appropriate Posture Chiropractor treatment or therapy in place.

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Neck Pain Chiropractor

The team at Clinic 27 strives to help individuals suffering from neck pain by finding neck pain Chiropractor solutions that target the root of the condition.

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Headaches Migraines Chiropractor

A headaches migraines Chiropractor may be able to help you untangle the knots that are causing such strain, bringing you back to life and living happily.

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Back Pain Chiropractor

As back pain can also lead to other types of bodily harm, it’s imperative that the condition be assessed with a back pain Chiropractor as quickly as possible and with much care.

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Looking at someone’s posture, it’s quite easy to tell whether they’re in their most optimal state of health or not.

Can you recall seeing an Olympic sprinter whose head sits noticeably forward? On the other hand, how about an obese woman with advanced heart disease and diabetes who demonstrates perfect posture, walking around with her head held right back on top of her shoulders? Both are uncommon, and are examples of how we can see how someone’s posture affects them in their everyday functioning. There is a reason that very unwell people seem to slump, or have awkward postures, and it’s the same reason that people who are extremely well and at the top of their game, “walk tall”: body alignment says it all.

It’s very unlikely that your body can hold itself up properly when it is in a state of disease. It’s also very unlikely that, when in perfect health, your body won’t hold itself up properly.

Why are most practitioners inconsistent when it comes to permanently fixing forward posture?

Osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, physiotherapy, massage therapy and podiatry all have theories, which underpin the cause and treatment of structural change. None of these theories are incorrect, but neither are they entirely correct.

When you have a sore back, your body will tilt in the opposite direction to compensate for the pain, which creates a kink in your spine. On both the left and right hand side of your spine, as well as at the front, there are muscles, which over time will pull back the spine to its correct position. However, your spine is the furthest point on the back of your body, so if your vertebrae, instead settle into a forward position, there are no muscles behind your spine attaching to points beyond it, to gradually correct it. This is why the body can’t heal itself from a vertebra stuck in a forward position.

While straightening your shoulders, core exercises and aids like orthotics can help your posture, they’re not a complete or permanent solution. My advice to most of my clients is that any general exercise – walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates – is fantastic for a balanced lifestyle. It’s incredibly important to move the body and stretch and strengthen your muscles. However, evidence suggests that many existing theories and exercise alone won’t result in complete structural correction at a consistent rate. Furthermore, research suggests that patients, who superficially present with similar problems, don’t all necessarily respond in the same way to the same treatment. I’d estimate that when using the methods I was taught at university and subsequent seminars that I’ve attended, around 10 – 20% of people don’t respond to the treatment at all.

The difficulty that practitioners of all modalities face is that the forward posture stems from an out of place bone that the body can’t correct itself – not due to lack of muscle tone, or loose ligaments, but through there simply not being a muscle that is responsible for correcting that particular misalignment. Through my own studies and research, I’ve come to realise that there is not one single exercise, drug or stretching routine that can bring your body back into perfect postural alignment.

As discussed in the previous chapter, many practitioners prescribe posture exercises to their patients. These practitioners believe that by committing to a particular set of steps to strengthen your postural muscles, you can completely resolve your posture issues. The only profound difference here is that core strength improves and thereby decreasing the chance of injury – an improvement for sure, but it doesn’t change the distortion pattern of the body in the long-term.


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Hooman was one of the first chiropractors to bring the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ technique to Australia and has used his skills to provide pain relief, posture and health advice to his valued clients in Sydney CBD.

Aline Dahdah

Since graduating from Macquarie University, Aline has practiced in clinics across Sydney. She has been the family chiropractor and worked with acute sporting injuries.

Rebecca Squire

Rebecca graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters of Chiropractic science. After practicing as a locum chiropractor for many years she is now based at Straight Forward Clinics Sydney.

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