Can Chiropractic Make Me a Better Dancer?


Chiropractic is often thought of as a treatment or preventative modality for injury. Whilst this is true, it also has many benefits to improving sport and hobbies such as dancing.

Have you been working on your golf swing and just can’t seem to progress to the next level of achievement? Or do you want all eyes on you on the dance floor? Either way, chiropractic can help you get there. While these physical limitations may not impede on your survival of everyday life, it would be nice to continue doing what you enjoy and pain free.

I started dancing at the age of 2. I competed as a teenager in tap, jazz and classical ballet championships and I completed a certificate IV in performing arts when I left high school. My body was pushed to the extremes, more so than most sports required. But the body is made to move. Without movement joints become arthritic. And as the old saying goes “move it or lose it”.

Just some of the many benefits achieved with regular chiropractic treatment include:

– increased joint range of motion (flexibility)
– improved co-ordination
– improved balance
– improved proprioception and kinesthetic awareness (sensory awareness of your body/movement in space).

From Misalignments to Well Balanced

The spinal cord has both sensory and motor neurons. Sensory neurons react to the environment around us and send messages to the brain. Motor neurons act in response to the messages received by the brain from the sensory neurons. Keeping the spinal cord free from interference from the surrounding structures allows the central nervous system to work more efficiently and effectively and therefore, allow you to perform any task with ease. Chiropractic treatment aims to release these restrictions and correct any misalignments so that the body can sit in an ideal and well balanced posture.

Dance Better Thanks To Chiropractic

If your looking to improve your technique, progress to competition level or move and groove on Saturday nights in a less uncoordinated manner, book in for an appointment at Straight Forward Clinics before your next big event.

Dr Rebecca Squire
(Chiropractor at Straight Forward Sydney CBD)