Suffering from RSI – repetitive strain injury – and looking for treatment in Sydney? Our chiropractors can help you with this condition …

A Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is no longer an uncommon occurrence in our modern lifestyles. These work-related musculoskeletal disorders are, often, caused by repetitive tasks, like typing at work on our computer keyboards. The stress involved in meeting deadlines can have us banging away in cramped and uncomfortable situations. The tension can result in neck and head injuries, hand, arm and shoulder strains, and back complaints as well. Aching fingers, pulsating pain, and a range of other symptoms are associated with RSI. These can progress to more serious conditions like: carpal tunnel syndrome, oedema, tendinosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, and a cornucopia of related issues.

We Can Treat Your RSI with Effective Solutions

Of course, RSI affects many other parts of the body via different work and sports related movements. At Straight Forward Clinics, our skilled and experienced chiropractors can treat your RSI with proven solutions that reduce pain and rehabilitate your injuries. We can improve joint function and flexibility to allow for increased mobility in the effected areas. Our caring and gentle treatments rapidly remove the debilitating effects of scar tissue build up and get you on the fast road to recovery. Why put up with painful RSI when we can help? Talk to one of our expert chiropractors today to find out more.

We Don’t Only Heal the Problem but Prevent its Reoccurrence Too!

Lifestyle changes can ensure that you do not reinjure your RSI effected region. At Straight Forward Clinics, we don’t only heal the problem but, also, help you establish preventative protocols going forward. It is not enough to treat the symptoms, we get to the core of your RSI problem and fix that too. Our world class chiropractic approach to this 21C ailment brings an array of good things into your life, which will have benefits for your health and wellbeing across the board. Call now to make an appointment or to speak with one of our friendly RSI experts.