If you have a sore back from sitting at your desk too long, our Sydney chiropractors have treatments which can help. Back pain can ruin your happiness and mental equilibrium …

We live in an age of technologically driven parameters, especially around work. The days when our working life was defined by 9 to 5 are long over. Getting a sore back sitting at our desk for too long is a very common occurrence in 2018. We have deadlines and targets to meet, which are not limited to weekdays and daylight hours. Tension seeps into the way we go about our work. How we sit at our computer, typing in front of that screen, is affected by the noise of expectation all around us. Talking on the phone, how tightly we grip that communication device and press it to our ear, these movements and stances are, often, defined by the pressures we experience around making a living.

The Tension & Stress We Feel Around Work

Although all the innovative technology we employ is designed to be labour saving and more efficient, the tension and stress we feel around work still can create physical problems. We get headaches, neck issues and back problems, which are all related to the, basically, sedentary lifestyles we lead in the 21C. Sitting down on our behinds in cars, at desks and at home on couches, for too long, is not good for our health. The circulation of our blood inside our body is not helped by all this mental activity in stationary poses. Standing up can help and moving around at regular intervals will provide opportunity for that healthy circulation to happen.

We Can Realign Your Spine to Provide Pain Relief

Getting a sore back sitting at your desk too long can lead to structural misalignment, which can cause a raft of painful injuries. Migraines, back issues and more serious problems can arise from your back being out of whack. At Straight Forward Clinics we can realign your spine to provide pain relief and advise you on a healthier way to go about your work and life. Contact us now to make an appointment or to find out more.

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