Looking for effective gym injuries treatment in Sydney? At Straight Forward Clinic we provide natural & drug-free treatments for your gym injury challenges …

Many of us go to the gym to get fit and, perhaps, lose some weight in the process. You would, however, be surprised at the number of people who present at our clinic with injuries incurred at the gym. It is a human trait to rush into things and take on too much too soon. It may be that we have neglected our fitness for a considerable time and getting back on that bike is a bigger issue than we imagined. Strains from weight training or reaching for a position that is just a bridge too far are common gym injures that we see at Straight Forward Clinics. Wrist, shoulder and leg injuries are particularly prevalent via the gym. When coming from a typically sedentary lifestyle, remember to take your time and go gently, gently at the gym.

Chiropractic Care for Gym Injuries

Your personal trainer will tell you that good posture is particularly vital at the gym. Bad technique can cause injuries during your exercise program at the gym. Too many people rush their warm up or don’t warm up at all. Chiropractic care can help you reduce gym injuries and effectively treat those that you have already incurred. We understand the human body and we are the movement experts. If you have sustained a painful or nagging gym injury, we can effectively treat your injury and help you avoid more injuries like this in the future.

Chiropractic Treatment Plans for Gym Injuries

Our experienced practitioners can examine, diagnose and tailor a treatment plan specifically for your injury. We provide a natural, drug-free and non-invasive, approach in the treatment of your gym injury. Our detailed understanding of the structural body, allows us to work with you and get rapid results. Whether your injury involves muscle, tendon or joint pain, we can effectively treat the source of your injury to heal it. Contact us now to make an appointment at a time suitable for you.